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Shipping Guide


The guide to shipping provides reference information on the maximum amount of material allowed in an inner package (e.g. glass bottle, etc.) and an outer package (e.g. the fiberboard box) according to the appropriate regulations and the carrier’s restrictions.   In order to reduce shipping costs consider choosing inner package quantities that are not assessed a hazardous material surcharge by the carrier.  For items that are not regulated for transportation there are no carrier restrictions or surcharges.  For estimated transit times see the shipping section under Ordering Info.  

IP = Inner Package (e.g. glass bottle, metal can, etc.)

OP = Outer Package (Net Quantity of Material and/or Gross Package Weight)

                                                                                                 Carrier surcharge

 Excepted Quantity by Ground and Air                               No

 Limited Quantity by Ground                                               No

 Limited Quantity by Air                                                       Yes

   SP     DOT-Special Permit by Ground and Air                             Yes