Medicinal Chemistry Services

With a vast level of Medicinal Chemistry experience in a wide variety of targets and indications, Volochem is poised to be the all encompassing Medicinal Chemistry support you need to drive your program to success. Our Medicinal Chemical Scientists have over 50 years combined experience and have helped deliver more than six compounds to the clinic.

Our Director of Medicinal Chemistry was the project team leader instrumental in putting two of these compounds into phase I clinical trials. We know how to deliver the SAR results you need to advance your programs to the clinic. You provide the data support through your confidential internal assays and we will delivery to you high quality drug candidates based on your initial internal screening.

  • Over 100 patents
    or applications

  • 62 high quality

Selected (published) clinical and industrial molecules completed by Volochem Scientists:

AMG 319
(Inflammation and Oncology)

AMG 925

DGAT 1 inhibitor
(Metabolic disease)


(Metabolic disease)

(S)- Paraherquamide B